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Nestled in the loving arms of nature, Ayurtheeram lives up to its name in more than one ways. Enveloped in an alluring coppice of coconut trees, Ayurtheeram is bound to enthrall your senses right from the moment you set your foot on this treasure trove of natural beauty. Aesthetically located on the banks of the River Poovar, our Ayurvedic resort is at the pinnacle of scenic brilliance, with the river in all her glory, crossing paths with the majestic Arabian sea right at the resort’s footsteps.
Ayurtheeram specializes in Ayurvedic Therapy and Healing. With the busy lifestyles led in today’s professional world, taking care of one’s own body has been pushed to the least important of preferences. Take a break from all your worries and anxieties and let us take care of you with advanced Ayurvedic Therapy that helps in detoxification of the body and aids in cleansing the impurities that clog your biological system.
Choose from a wide range of our services that offer traditional Ayurvedic Therapy that date many centuries back. Experience the relief rushing through every nerve of your body with the traditional Kizhi Treatment which eases out pain, inflammation and swelling. With a specially created ambiance and medicines derived from the roots of traditional plants, the Abhyangam Treatment has been known to cure and relieve those affected Rheumatic problems, arthritis, paraplegia, hemiplegia, paralysis, sexual weakness and nervous disorders. You could also opt for the best de-stressing treatment in Ayurvedic history- The Shirodhara Treatment, which facilitates medicinal oils and essences to be poured on to one’s forehead. This treatment has been known for centuries to cure mental tension, headache, insomnia, and impaired memory.
Breathe new life into your body through our comprehensive Yoga classes that are being taken by professional Yoga Instructors. You can practise and exercise the divine art that has been passed on through traditions at our serene surroundings to bring a great amount of focus and concentration into your lives. Phase out all your worries and smoothen the wrinkled creases on your forehead by breathing the fresh air and experiencing the solemnity of peace through the celestial art of Yoga.
The Ayurtheeram is virtually surrounded by water on all of its sides. Stand back and enjoy the enriching experience of watching the sunset from the river bank or grab a bottle of sun lotion and get a lovely bronzed tan at our private beach. Supplemented with ponds, lakes and the pristine backwaters which best defines Kerala, the resort is a haven for those looking for a break from the hectic work schedules of their daily life.
Built along the lines of traditional Keralite architecture, the housing villas offer breath taking views all around. The speciality and the warmth of this resort begins to set in as soon as you approach the entrance, giving you an exclusive personal welcome to make you feel at home. We go out of the way to give you that private tropical feel, with picturesque landscaping, ocean front pools and a magnificent array of stone walkways.
we give our assurance that you will walk back from this scenic resort sporting a smile on your face, with all your worries burnt into oblivion. Care to take a venture into the midst of nature and take a plunge in to the cold refreshing waters of Poovar. Relax and pamper yourself with The Ayurtheeram.
We specialize in purchasing your worries and selling you smiles !!!